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If you would like to be considered for a feature, email weddingsjerseystyle@gmail.com . Call it fate, call it destiny, call it pure luck but since the day they were born it seemed like Kateri Norton and Robert Hendrickson were meant to be together. The couple, both 28 years old, were both born at Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune, grew up a few miles apart at the Jersey Shore, and went to rival high schools (Manasquan and Wall respectively). It was during their high school days that the two met for the first time. These coincidences could lead one to believe thatonce Norton and Hendrickson laid eyes upon on each, the path to wedded bliss would begin. Well, the path did begin. It just got off to a prettybumpy start. “We originally met in high school through a mutualfriend,” said Norto, a pediatric nurse at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in West Orange. “But we did not get along with each other.” Norton leftthe Jersey Shore toattendEast Carolina University. On her winter break, she and Hendrickson became reacquainted. According to Norton, the “spark began” during thisperiod, and in less than a year the couple’s love began. Norton can’t pinpoint an exact moment or date whenshe realized Hendrickson, a heavy equipment operator and volunteer fire chief of Wall Fire Company #1, was truly the one. “I know it sounds like a typical response, but weare like yin and yang,” Norton said.”We complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses so well. It’s like we fit together like a puzzle.” The wedding date Hendrickson proposed to Norton on Sunday, June 29,2014 the final night of the annual summertime Wall Fair in Wall Township. As with the tradition, the fair ended with a flurry of fireworks. When the fireworks show ended, Norton turned to say something to Hendrickson, and found him on one knee. Hendrickson, holding the ring box in his hand, quipped,”How is this for a finale?” Norton was so surprised and at a loss for words that she slapped Hendrickson. While this “love slap,” as Norton calls it, might have distracted some, Hendrickson was unfazed, and officially asked Norton to marry him. The couple choose Nov.6, 2015, as their weddingdate because, as Norton puts it, “We wanted a date in the fall, and Nov. 6 just stuck with us.” Photos from the wedding of Kateri Norton and Robert Hendricksen, at Jumping Brook Country Club in Tinton Falls Nov. 6, 2015. (Galis Photography and Video) The venue The couple chose Saint Andrew’s Methodist Church ,located a stone’s throw from the lake in Spring Lake, for their ceremony.

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Matt Always Joined Her At Some Point During The Long Weekend.

“I just knew when I met her that I had met somebody I could fall in love with, and it was easy to fall in love with her.” A few months later, they were exclusive. How does forever sound? After graduating, Ali was hired at RSM US L.L.P. in Philadelphia, where she is now assurance supervisor. In June 2013, Matt, who is now 34, and Ali, now 29, got a place together in Old City. Ali has always spent Thanksgiving with her parents, typically driving to Allentown on the Wednesday before so she could catch up with friends from home. Matt always joined her at some point during the long weekend. But in late November 2014, Matt suggested a change in their routine. “Why don’t you stay around Philly another day, and we’ll drive up together on Thursday?” She agreed. Matt told her he’d made dinner reservations at Buddakan. After dinner, he suggested a walk. The snow that had been falling all day had turned from fluffy to soggy. “It’s getting rainy,” Ali said.

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They Are Also Strong Supporters Of The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (jdrf), And Other Charities.

We are very proud to carry on our fathers legacy, and look forward to the next 35 years and beyond. Chicago, IL (PRWEB) January 23, 2016 Cheers! Buona, The Original Italian Beef, celebrates 35 years of serving up its famous beef to all of Chicagoland on January 21, 2016. Joe Buonavolanto, Sr. opened the first Buona restaurant in 1981 in Berwyn, IL, bringing Italian beef to the suburbs. Mr. Buonavolanto was among a group of Italian immigrants who made the now-famous sandwich a staple of Chicagos culinary scene. Depression-era stockyard workers who were looking for ways to make food go farther introduced Italian beef to the city. The sandwich, which typically uses lean and tougher cuts of meat that has been cooked for several hours, was often served at weddings and banquets. The meat was sliced thinly and served on bread with gravy to ensure that every guest was well fed. Buonavolanto, Sr., who mortgaged his family home in Berwyn to finance his business, currently has five of his children and nine of his grandchildren involved in the business. My family and I are so excited to be celebrating the 35th anniversary of our business, says Buonavolanto, Jr. We are very proud to carry on our fathers legacy, and look forward to the next 35 years and beyond. With ever-changing trends in the food and restaurant industry, Buona has stayed true to its roots and has carefully safeguarded its recipe and the traditions of Italian beef making. Their process uses no preservatives, no chemicals or additives, and takes absolutely no short cuts. Throughout its history, Buona restaurants have been actively involved in the communities in which they are located. They have raised more than $200,000 by hosting nearly 200 local fundraisers a year for the past 17 years, and have provided over 5,000 lunches to over 200 local schools since 2004. They are also strong supporters of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), and other charities. They are the Official Italian Beef of the Chicago Wolves and the DePaul Blue Demons. With 16 locations currently located throughout Chicagoland and a new store opening in the Beverly neighborhood this spring, the family-owned restaurant group plans to open 25-30 more locations nationally within the next five years. About Buona Restaurants The first Buona restaurant began serving Chicagos original Italian beef in Berwyn, IL in 1981. Founded by Buonavolanto patriarch Joe Buonavolanto, Sr., the chain has expanded to sixteen locations while remaining family-owned and furthering a legacy that is equal parts family values, innovation, and adaptation. The family is defining the next-generation beef stand as a place that is the perfect blend of old-school indulgence in Chicago classics and next generation menu choices made with a focus on fresh, scratch-made food. While the menu has expanded, the original beef recipe has not been compromised for the three generations of Buonavolantos who are active in the company, comprise and quality are never uttered in the same breath. Buona has won several awards and accolades since its inception, and was included in Steve Dolinskys Top 15 Italian Beefs in Chicagoland. For more information, visit Buona online at http://www.buona.com , like them on Facebook , or follow them on Twitter . ###

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It Was Special Enough That The Association Created A Lecture And Slide Show Of The Exhibit, With Over 160 Photos Included.

These precious dresses, loaned to the Association by local families, were exhibited with photos, stories and other items from many years ago. Those who viewed the exhibit had their own stories to tell and the show was a popular success. It was special enough that the association created a lecture and slide show of the exhibit, with over 160 photos included. Since that time, the Slater Area Historical Association has given this presentation to different groups in the Central Iowa area. In 2014, it presented the 50-minute show to the Iowa State Convention of Questers in Boone, with almost 200 antique collectors attending. SAHA has now been invited to lecture at the Des Moines Womens Club Luncheon at Hoyt Sherman Place in Des Moines on Wednesday, Feb. 17. Invitations like this broaden the associations and Slaters reputations across the state. Speaker Barb Mallon, President of SAHA, said, This opportunity is very exciting for us. We can stimulate interest in our museum, but most of all, entertain and coax memories and stories from those who listen. This is part of our mission at SAHA. The 50-minute lecture with slide show is available for presentation to any organization for their event. Please contact Barb Mallon at (515) 480-9789 if you are interested.

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The Markets Have Also Come To Serve As An Incubator For Small, Local Producers Who Have Evolved And Successfully Scaled Their Production To Serve The More Than 240 Williams-sonoma Retail Stores Nationwide.

January 15, 2016 9:00 AM Done SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Williams-Sonoma announces the expansion of its monthly Artisans Market program to 75 stores in the U.S. and Canada, furthering its connection to the communities it serves. In 2010, Williams-Sonoma hosted its first Artisans Markets in four stores featuring local purveyors of artisanal foods and beverages as an effort to connect with the local community and support small businesses. The markets are curated to highlight regional specialties and authentic flavors, as well as superior craftsmanship. Customers have the rare opportunity to discover, taste and purchase one-of-a-kind products from the producers themselves during the markets. The Artisans Market program is an extension of Williams-Sonomas ongoing commitment to the artisan food community. For the fifth year in a row, Williams-Sonoma is a sponsor of the Good Food awards, a national platform to recognize small batch food producers for environmental and social responsibility. The Good Food organization honors artisans that meet these standards, in addition to exceptional taste, at their annual Awards Ceremony and Marketplace in San Francisco, which takes place today. Numerous award recipients from previous years have become Artisans Markets vendors in their local communities across the country. Williams-Sonoma has always been about building a sense of community around food and bringing the highest quality products to our customers, said Jean Armstrong, VP of Brand Marketing who oversees the program. Were proud to support local artisans, who are truly experts in their craft, by giving them a marketplace in our stores. The markets have also come to serve as an incubator for small, local producers who have evolved and successfully scaled their production to serve the more than 240 Williams-Sonoma retail stores nationwide. In 2012, a small Portland-based vendor by the name of Jacobsen Salt Co. was featured at the local Artisans Market and quickly caught the attention of customers for their unique, high-quality sea salts. Four years later the Jacobsen Salt Co.

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Elizabeth Lewis Of Raleigh Is The Granddaughter Of Elizabeth Otey Constant, Who Added Intricate Beading To Many Of Kays Dresses.

Ten of Kays dresses will be on display, with more shown in three short-term bonus displays that will augment the exhibit until its closing in September. Most of the dresses will be displayed with photos showing them on their original owners, a window into the styles of the times. Along the way, visitors will learn about Kays family, how she built her business and went about her work, and her involvement in the community. Theyll learn about her upbringing as part of an affluent family in Raleigh and her graduation from Shaw University in 1912 with a degree in home economics. The skills she learned there became a matter of livelihood when her husband, a doctor, died at age 37, leaving her five children to support. Kay returned to her familys home and launched a dressmaking business that spread through word of mouth. She built a clientele that sort of transcended the racial boundaries of the Jim Crow era, said Diana Bell-Kite, the exhibits curator. Each year, Kay would work on dresses for an equal number of black and white debutantes, and dresses bearing her Made Especially for You by Willie Kay label were sought after by families of both communities. [Past Times: Read a profile of Willie Otey Kay from The News & Observer in 1949.] Kays gowns were known for their quality and beauty one didnt have to see that label to recognize her work. But she had a keen eye for current fashion, and she knew what would flatter a girls figure and fancy. Each dress was unique, Bell-Kite explained. She made each dress for the client who she was working with, so she didnt mass produce anything. It was based on a consultation with that person. They would look at fashion magazines together they had an idea of what they wanted or maybe they didnt and she sort of led them in the right direction. But each dress was individually crafted, and thats come through in so many of the conversations Ive had with former clients. A family story To keep up with the demand, Kay learned to work quickly, Bell-Kite said, and she had help from her sisters, several of whom had dressmaking businesses as well. Its very much a family story as well as her individual story, said Bell-Kite. Elizabeth Lewis of Raleigh is the granddaughter of Elizabeth Otey Constant, who added intricate beading to many of Kays dresses. From a young age, Lewis would accompany her grandmother every day to Aunt Willies house, where Constant would bead all day long. (Lewis has continued the family trade, and will give a beading demonstration at the museum Aug. 13.) Lewis remembers the sisters elegant women who paused for lunch on china and crystal, who never wore pants and never went without their pearls laughing and talking as they worked. The sisters were a very close-knit group of women, Lewis said. They were there in good times and in bad times, through tragedies they were there for one another. Kays work received national attention, and she used her success to send all her children to college and to help causes that were important to her, including Shaw and St. Augustines University, her church and organizations that strengthened Raleighs African-American community. (Her contributions nurtured a family tradition of service. One grandson was state auditor Ralph Campbell Jr., the first African-American person elected to state office in North Carolina, and another was Bill Campbell, who was mayor of Atlanta.) But when she was working with a client, the young woman (and, surely in most cases, the mother) was her main concern. A big deal Bennett Cotten of Raleigh remembers going to Mrs.

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Former Democratic Candidate Chris Dodd Took The Practice To An Extreme In 2008, When He Went So Far As To Move His Entire Family To Iowa, Enrolling His Children In School There.

“He likes being in his own bed, even if it means coming into Teterboro or LaGuardia after midnight,” he added, referring to two airports Trump uses in the New York area. Trump rejected Stone’s explanation. While Trump breakfasts in his Manhattan quarters, with sweeping views of Central Park, his opponents are waking up in Holiday Inns or Courtyard Marriotts. AP Photo/Jim Cole Cruz spent Monday night in a motel in Missouri Valley, Iowa, where vending machines sold items with long-past expiration dates. His campaign manager Jeff Roe fired off a series of bemused tweets about the state of the motel, lamenting the presence of “the long hair on the pillow” that he found in his room. Strategists said Trump risked alienating not only potential supporters, but also the political operatives in states that could help turn out the vote. “Not everything in a presidential campaign can be accomplished with a speech or a rally,” said Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union, a grassroots conservative political group, and a former White House political director for President George W. Bush. The group has not endorsed a candidate. “You attend a family event of a supporter in a key state: weddings, funerals, graduations, Christmas parties these have an important psychological impact,” he said. Trump said he had stayed in Iowa “numerous times,” but a campaign source who did not want to be identified said he remembered Trump staying overnight only once in Iowa and once in New Hampshire. On the road That’s a far cry from candidates like Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, who has logged more hours in New Hampshire than any other Republican still in the race. Christie and others regularly hold meet-and-greets, attend local government meetings, and find ways to make themselves approachable to voters ahead of the state’s February 9 primary election. In Iowa, where state residents will attend caucuses on February 1, Cruz is in the middle of a weeklong bus tour that will take him to 36 counties. Former Democratic candidate Chris Dodd took the practice to an extreme in 2008, when he went so far as to move his entire family to Iowa, enrolling his children in school there. He nonetheless lost to Barack Obama. Trump sees it more as a numbers game. His rallies attract 3,000 to 20,000 people each time he appears and are often broadcast on television. Getty Images “I have more people at one event than most candidates see in a month,” he said. Even so, Trump said he planned to do smaller events in the future and may even decide on some campaign stops that are veritable pilgrimages for his competitors. One such spot is the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, New Hampshire, where candidates are expected to stop by and greet customers. “It’s a distinct possibility,” he said.

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#jillandjessacountingon Https://t.co/8eolrfwwn7 Pic.twitter.com/h9hxjxqxkk Rebecka Schumann (@rebeckaschumann) December 28, 2015 The Premiere Episode Of Jill & Jessa: Counting On Also Featured Footage Of Jessa And Jinger Shopping For Baby Clothes As Well As Finding A Chair For The Nursery.

Every time a member of the family got married, ratings shot up. The Duggars Update : Could Sisters Jinger and Jana Duggar Be Having Thei https://t.co/zu25sMgv9Y #jingerduggar #janaduggar #tlc #specials Pepoll (@Pepolltweet) January 5, 2016 Now that Jinger is next in line to start looking for a husband , TLC might look to capitalize on her search. Jinger was a mainstay on the three episodes of Jill & Jessa: Counting On and is generally received well by viewers. Shes also stayed on the fringe of the Josh Duggar scandals, making it easier to put her on air, although she did on-camera interviews during Jill & Jessa: Counting On criticizing her brother. During one episode, Jinger and Jana opened up about the Josh Duggar scandals and shared that they felt sorry for Anna, Joshs wife, whos been a long-suffering victim since it was revealed Josh cheated on her using two Ashley Madison accounts. Josh is now being sued by adult film actress Danica Dillon for roughing her up during a consensual sexual encounter and, depending on Dillons testimony, might face criminal charges . Anna is amazing, Jinger confessed on Jill & Jessa: Counting On. Jinger shared that shes in awe of her sister-in-law since Anna displayed to each one of us to what it means to have unconditional love. Jinger also admitted that Anna is walking through this better than anyone of us could have ever imagined. The Duggar family has been emotionally supporting Anna throughout her difficulties, allowing the mother of four children to live with Jim Bob and Michelle while Josh Duggar is in rehab. Although times have been tough for Anna, shes said she knew my only hope was to cling on my faith. The situation could turn a mess into a disaster very quickly if she acted on her emotions. Jinger Duggar may be in a courtship! #JillAndJessaCountingOn https://t.co/8eOlrfwwN7 pic.twitter.com/h9HXJXQxKk Rebecka Schumann (@RebeckaSchumann) December 28, 2015 The premiere episode of Jill & Jessa: Counting On also featured footage of Jessa and Jinger shopping for baby clothes as well as finding a chair for the nursery. Unlike her siblings, Jinger does not have social media accounts , according to Christianity Daily, so to keep up with her, a television show might be necessary. Duggar fans have been able to keep up with Jill and Jessa over their popular Facebook and Instagram accounts, and Jessa frequently shares photos of baby Spurgeon. Jinger also has opted to stay home and not get a job, making her daily activities even more mysterious. Another episode featured Jinger helping Anna and Jana make food for Jessa and Ben as they await the birth of baby Spurgeon. According to Us Weekly, Jessa is staying at the house that Anna and Josh used to live in, making the scene both sweet and awkward. Birthday girl at Market Place Grill with a chocolate mess! #JingerDuggar pic.twitter.com/htFdOxOKpf Duggar Sisters (@DuggarSisters) December 22, 2015 In an interview, Anna confessed that being there with Jinger and Jana was a lot fun, and refreshing, although it was a tender spot to go back and be in what was our starter home. It also brought back a lot of sweet memories and possibly helped to heal some wounds as she spent time in the kitchen with Jinger and Jana. Fans clearly are still enthralled with the Duggar family, and Jill & Jessa: Counting On premiered to good ratings. Given some time away, its possible TLC might be able to bring less controversial sisters, like Jinger and Jana, back. What do you think?

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Passion And Hard Work Allow Us To Believe In Our Goals And Our Dreams.

He introduced the Tribal Council members present; Chairman Robert J. Welch, Jr, Vice Chairman Victor E. Woods, Treasurer Sam Q. Brown, Councilman Adrian M. Brown, Councilman Dave TeSam, and Councilman Kevin M. Carrizosa. The Viejas Bird Singers performed their traditional songs and dances to begin the festivities. Today is a milestone along our path with the addition of 109 hotel rooms, 15,000 sq. ft. of gaming space, 1000 new slot machines, an outdoor park for concerts and events, the magnificent Oak Ballroom and conference rooms, and trailblazing design all beautifully appointed with every detail accounted for, San Pietro said before he introduced Viejas Casino and Resort General Manager Chris Kelley. Id like to say a special thank you to our Viejas Council and tribe for leading the way and your trust, to our team members for inspiring us all on a daily basis, to our executive management team for your commitment to excellence and to our loyal guests, thank you for making tonight possible, Kelley said. Our own tribal council helped to design much of the beauty you see before you, and our local partners added to our strength. Our message today is one of gratitude to this community in which we live, work and our commitment to continue to give you all the best of everything. Tribal Chairman Robert J. Welch, Jr, opened his speech with a thank you and welcomed dignitaries, chamber members, tribal council members, bird singers and guests. It is truly an honor to realize the civic pride that exists as a result of our perseverance, Welch said. It is also a great feeling to stand here with you and celebrate another new addition to this ever-growing enterprise and what dreams are to come. Id like to recognize the hard work of our previous counsel tribal members who believed in this vision. We are grateful that our committed guests, neighbors and community are on this journey with us. We have a commitment to our people that we will continue to work hard for the common goal of building something great and appreciate our Viejas family for standing by us for more than two decades. Passion and hard work allow us to believe in our goals and our dreams. As elected leaders we are humble and very proud of what has been accomplished on the tribes behalf by all of you. We are grateful to Wells Fargo and Swinerton who believed in our vision and turned it into reality.

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