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Allow for a little bit of attention to your skin tone and make up choices as well. For instance if your skin colour is fair and pale keep away from dark bold coloured flowers as they can easily make you look washed out. If your makeup will have prominent pink tones then using flowers complementary to this colour palette similar to champagne or dusky pink will work quite well.

1) First of all, it is your wedding and should emulate your personality and be the theme for the ceremony and reception. It shouldn’t be what your mother always wanted or your bridesmaid’s favorite flowers. It’s about what you want.

The holidays can inspire you to add a lot more detail to your floral decorations. This is the season for glittering stems and picks, big shiny bows, and shimmering candlelight. Little touches like these can add so much to any winter silk wedding flowers.

These women in attempt take claim of the bridal bouquet intend to jump higher than any 7ft basket ball player. This part of the wedding celebration can prove to be very entertaining for other guests looking on.

Many brides often worry if they can find their choices of flowers during winter. And the answer to that worry is “YES, most definitely”. Winter weddings look like a scene from a fairytale because everywhere you look, it’s white and clear. You can match the weather and ambiance of winter and opt for white roses or other white flowers like tulips, white hydrangeas, orchids, and peonies. Or, you could bring some color into your wedding dcor and give a fantastic glow to the wedding. As always, research is very important to make this decision and of course, consult with your florist for flower choices. As for us, we have put together a list of different wedding flowers for winter.

My cousin’s roommate from higher education just got the new Canon D and a plethora wedding flowers ideas of L qualified series lenses it will be fantastic and did I mention Totally free!).

One of the first considerations the bridal couple must decide is just exactly what sort of expense is realistic for the bridal bouquet and the boutonniere. Depending on the style and the composition of the bouquet, they could run as high as several hundred dollars. A good portion of this expense is the choice of flowers that may not necessarily be in season, especially on a local or regional basis. If it is possible to get the specific flowers you desire, chances are they will have to be specially ordered, and will, of course, be far more expensive than usual.

Corsages and boutonnieres are of course given to the parents of the bride and groom, the groom, and the bridal party. They can have matching ribbons, bows or/and colors, or they can all be unique. The flowers can be white with ribbons that match with the bridesmaid dresses, or they can matched with the dresses, and the ribbons could be white. Small to medium flowers should be used in a small arrangements of no more than three flowers (not including baby breaths).

A florist needs to make money and in order for them to this they need to spike up cost tremendously. What you are paying for is not only the flowers but you are paying for the cost of the flowers, vases and containers (which they buy wholesale and mark up 50% to 75%), the salaries of the people making the arrangements, paying for the driver and gas and other incidentals. This is their business and they need to do this in order to be successful.

Wedding Pockets And Marriage Throws

Use a two tiered cake for the bride and groom to cut at the reception. Purchase a sheet cake for however many guests are going to be attending. On a different table provide guests various toppings for the slice of cake. You can offer fresh strawberries, chocolate syrup, raspberries, sprinkles and whipped cream. Look at providing a number of flavors of ice cream. It’s exciting and festive.

Many people will simply forget and others can think of no way worse to spend a summer Saturday than at another wedding cake toppers. That’s just the way it is. And you can believe it and save some money, or you can believe that everyone will come and then have to decide what to do with the leftover cake.

You should end up with some icing further out than the edges of the cake. It should be fairly thick, you will be scraping the excess off later. Now work some of that icing down the sides of the cake gently while turning the table. Don’t try to make it look great yet. The idea here is to get the butter cream thick on the entire cake and then scrape it down to perfection later.

As you will have spent all that effort in designing your beautiful cake it would be a shame to let it down by bad presentation. Place it on a table on it’s own & perhaps add some flower petals or candles to showcase it perfectly. Place it somewhere it can be seen by your guests & not tucked away in a corner.

Beach Relaxation Cakes – Our absolute favorite beach wedding cake is 2 Adirondack chairs as the cake topper, with 2 pairs of flip flops beneath them. Figurines of the bride and groom sitting in the chairs is optional. A regular beach or lounge chair can also be used instead of the Adirondacks. One of our other favorites was a figurine bride and groom snoozing in a large hammock as the cake topper, with sand and miniature beer bottles beneath them.

There are other traditions that surround the cakes found in a wedding. In some cultures, these cakes are one of the symbols of sweetness and romance in the newlywed’s life. A cake pull is one tradition practiced in the United States and in some Asian regions where charms are inserted at the bottom of the cake and can only be taken out by pulling the ribbons or strings attached to it.

Some tips for trends this last few years are to go monochrome (black and white) which has a striking and simplistic impact. Similarly going non-floral is also very popular and can look a lot less ‘campy’ and be far more unisex. It’s also more likely to go with other items of decoration. As for the shape, the cake no longer needs to be round and tiered, and many couples are experimenting with more and more interesting shapes and sizes. Many leading cake designers are making full use of this and designing some very out there and eye catching looks – don’t be bland and traditional at the cost of having something unique.

Preferences for wedding cakes will differ, as they do with wedding dresses, wedding music, wedding locations and wedding guests because people have different likes and dislikes. Nonetheless in most cases the bride and groom always get what they want. The cake is the main focus of the wedding reception making a fabulous centerpiece. Choosing the right wedding cake is important for guests that have a sweet tooth because their focus will be on the cake at all times.

Always preheat the oven beforehand – the temperature for this baking session 325F. Be sure to grease the bottom of the container (pans) then line with grease proof or parchment paper. Use a sieve to sift the baking powder and flour together ensuring no lumps – then leave to one side. Take other ingredients – butter and sugar – cream both together to a light fluffy texture. Whisk or beat the egg whites until stiff, egg whites still need to be moist not dry.

Butterfly Wedding Favours

Chinese Takeout Boxes: these often come in a range of color choices although white and red are the most common. They are very stylish and make a pleasant change from the usual mini card boxes for wedding favors! They are a nice size too so you don’t just have to put candies or chocolates in them.

You are making DIY favours for weddings not only because it saves money, but also because it is a way of personalising the gifts. Therefore, you should show your originality rather than copying other readymade gifts available in the market. You should have good wedding favour ideas to start with and then make them yourself to add that special touch. Your products may emphatically announce that they are DIY favours carrying the passion, warmth and gratitude of the newly-wed couple.

When you go through the list you can start to estimate what you intend to spend on those items. When you have finished this task you will have a rough estimate of how big your budget needs to be. Most people advise that you add a few thousand over that just in case. The biggest thing to get done right away is to book the wedding venues for the ceremony and the reception. Many times brides put this off, only to find that their choices are not available at the same time.

A beach wedding will be made more memorable if you give your guests seashell shaped scented bath soap or more fun with glass starfish candle holders. For a garden wedding, personalized seed packets, crystal flower pots, or butterfly favours are perfect.

There are many other fantastic types of gifts available online. Other unique wedding favours include the specialist ladies wedding favours for lady guests, such as handbag holders, shoe bottle openers or compact mirrors are outstanding. Also gifts like photo coasters and soap boxes make for great ladies wedding favours too. These are among some of the unique thank you gifts used by couples today to make sure that their guests feel extra special at the wedding.

Candles – candles are popular favors for any type of personalsied wedding favours, however citronella candles are particularly suited to a garden wedding. Citronella will ward off bugs and flies when lit which makes them great for those who like to sit outdoors in the evening sunshine – the time of day when the bugs are most active Look out for floral scented candles or those shaped like flowers. Alternatively tea lights or votives can be presented in stylish garden themed holders.

Writer Rudolfo Anaya once said, “a library is also a place where love begins.” He was referring to the love notes he used to write while studying in his high school librarybut the sentiment is apropos for brides and grooms inspired by the sweeping romance of an elegant, quiet library.

The first way that you can incorporate wedding favors into your theme is by finding something that is uniquely yours and unique to the theme that you have chosen. This might include using guitar picks if both of you are musicians and you have a musical theme, or packets of seeds if you both love the outdoors and want to have an outdoors theme to your wedding. Some other great ideas include vials of sand from the place where your beach wedding took place or candles if your theme revolves around the flame of love burning for eternity. These are all things that you can incorporate into your wedding theme, and there are ways for you to have wedding favors that fit into these themes quite nicely.

Wedding Favour Biscuits

Last and not the least, take this possibility to reconnect with yourself and the people who became component of who you’ve become. This will assist you to in staying grounded especially if you know exactly what you want and what exactly you need, allowing you to turn into a better partner for your beloved.

Capture a picture of every single guest being funny, formal, goofy, and excited by placing a disposable camera at all the tables. Have the master of ceremonies encourage guests personalsied wedding favours to use the entire roll of film and you will be surprised at the results. You will have more pictures that you can use for blackmail than you ever have had before.

Evergreen seeds make for an everlasting gift, although might fir trees may not be suitable for every guest’s garden! However, trees do make for a symbol of strength & everlasting life & are perfect for sharing your hopes of a long life with your guests.

Once you decorate the complete box with the decorative items, you need to understand the utility of these boxes. You should understand that once these kinds of boxes go to women’s hands, then they can use them as the bridal party jewelry sets. And, within this kind of jewelry set boxes, women can keep their small jewelries like, rings, ear rings, nose pins etc.

You will find hundreds of ideas online for wedding favours. However, if you are wanting a really unique wedding favour idea, you may have to make it yourself. You should still spend a little time to go online to get ideas. For home made wedding favours you should be able to get advice, and all the materials you need as well, from a good online wedding favours supply shop.

Getting a photographer and videographer that is trusted will help ensure the memories are properly captured. Not everyone puts this as a priority in the plans but it is something that can lead to difficult times if the proper person is not chosen. When checking around for the person or company to do the filming it is important to get recommendations of past events that they have covered. Many times the groom or bride may not be the one that can do this but make sure they are qualified to wedding favour ideas do this.

While the attendees are seated make use of soft music as it lends a soothing ambiance. This task should be handed over to some who can take the responsibility in his/her stride; either the hired wedding planners or some close friends/relatives. As the guests start arriving, ushers should be in place to direct the guest to their seats. Guest should be handed the programs at the entrance, if used only. At most wedding ceremonies friends play the part of ushers.

If the seating arrangement is traditional then the guest are stacked straight forward. While Christian ceremonies have the brides guest seated in the left row and the groom’s guest in the right row. This is exactly the opposite what takes place at traditional wedding of Jewish.

What Kind Of Weddingdress Should A Pregnant Person Pick?

A bouquet of tulips signifies unending love and care. Tulips are used in bouquets at spring times. Marriages taking place in spring have a specific grandeur due to tulips. These are the most beautiful and fragrant flowers. These tulips are a present buy the lucky groom to his spouse.

Red is such a strong color, you do not need to guard against it increasingly irresistible as to what is used in large quantity. It can be a bit harder to create tonal arrangements. Red wedding flowers often clash, as they are not carefully used and that matches almost perfectly. Consulting with a florist will be money well spent if you’re interested in red wedding flower arrangements.

For your fall wedding, there are a variety of fall flowers that you can choose such as: dahlias, chrysanthemum, hydrangea, marigolds, and sunflowers if you intend to get married in September and for October weddings aster.

Dahlias are another great but economical choice, particularly if the wedding is taking place in late summer. Consider a silk wedding flowers flower bouquet and centerpieces made with alstromeria, dahlias, daisies, irises, tiger lilies and chrysanthemums for sophisticated color, style, and savings.

Using fabric at weddings is surely a stylish alternative to flowers. Even though they look the best with flowers, they can be used plain as well. If you have to decorate a wedding arch, draping lengthy tulle ribbons around the arch could give it a royal look. Using artificial flowers made from cloth, satin, buttons, and knots, etc., can be perfect alternatives to wedding bouquets. Cloth flowers have the same versatility as real flowers, because the former are imitations of the latter such as; roses, carnations, sunflowers, etc. Making simple bows from satin or tulle ribbons and sticking them on pews or chairs, can save you a lot of time and effort. Adding these in decorative vases can make them attractive centerpieces as well.

Some online vendors request a minimum of two days for delivery. This is subject to flower availability, however, and method of delivery. In some instances, cut wedding flowers ideas can be overnighted in one or two days but this may result in a higher shipping fee.

Medium frequency range (crescent style): The use of more expensive flowers (lily or rose water) for a crescent bouquet of beautiful. Average Price: $ 75.

A Completely New Range Of Christmas Presents And Wedding Thoughts

But we should know that before planning for a Gothic-themed ceremony, the couples need to discuss it with their families, relatives and friends. After all, a gothic wedding is brave and bold try. Can they accept it? They are also part of the wedding. So their opinions and advices are also important. This article will try to give you tips on how to do.

Travel light and travel best + the universal travel law wherever you are going and for whatever purpose. It is understood that you’ll have to take your entire wedding wardrobe and the wedding favours. However, while packing all the gowns and dresses in your cupboard do remember that once the wedding is over you have to worry about the many number of gifts you receive as well. Not easy, right? Hence, pack only the most necessary items you need. Remember, you are not going to a no man’s island for your honeymoon, however exotic the place may be. Whatever items you could get disposable, you could buy them at the place to which you are going.

A unity ceremony can be included as part of the wedding day ideas, to make it a unique experience. Everyone is given unlit candles. The first guest in the front is given a lit candle. From this candle, guests light each other’s candles, one by one. Meanwhile, the bride and the groom light their own candles; together, they light a ‘unity candle’, which is a slightly larger candle. This ceremony is like a symbolic proclamation, where the friends and family support the couple in their union.

When they’re combined with notes from all your friends and family, the instant photo guest book becomes a valued keepsake filled with memories that will last forever! Customize your autumn-themed wedding photo guest book by using pens with gold, brown or rust-colored ink, and for added seasonal pizzazz, you can even trim the cover with ribbons in colorful fall shades.

Set the tone you’re trying to create from the start with wedding invitations that reveal the theme you’ve chosen for your wedding. Custom designs can be easily accomplished with just a few keyboard strokes! Display 1930s-era sophistication with heavy, cream-colored paper stock and deco-style type fonts which can be further accented with period clip art. For your 60s-style invitations, use paper stock in the pastel colors that were popular then + or go all-out and have tie dyed invitations! Think about including flowers in the design as well. These can be printed on the invitation itself + or how about adding some dried wildflowers inside the invitation envelope?

Consider the rehearsal dinner. Whereas most couples elect to run through the standard ‘meet and greet,’ practice their walk down the aisle to get rid of those pre-ceremony jitters, and then sit down to a light repast, some brides and grooms choose to infuse this gathering with their very own unique wedding ideas. One example I’ve heard of is eliminating the sit down dinner entirely, which is usually more formal in nature anyway. The brides then invite the rehearsal dinner guests over for a picnic (in warmer months) or a potluck supper (great any time). This option not only takes away a lot of wedding stress, but also encourages the guests to interact more.

As wedding favour ideas far as the menu is concerned it is most essential so don’t compromise. Make sure you arrange for appetizers, hot drinks, the main course, and desserts for your guests. Different types of soups served in hollowed pumpkins with mushroom ragout or wheat grain rolls work excellent for starters. Turkey roast or beef roast supplemented with seasonal vegetables is best for the main course, along with some mashed potatoes. Apple cider is the traditional drink, along with a cinnamon stirrer in it. How about a delicious, yummy cake for dessert? A pumpkin-flavored cake or a spice-flavored cake will be perfect for dessert. By planning a tasty and mouth-watering menu, you can make your guests really satisfied and happy! Arrange for the best caterers in town for the same.

San Diego’s a favorite summer destination spot for people living in the west and southwest, so why not make it a spot for your destination wedding? In San Diego and the surrounding area you have a great number of interesting places for anything from simple elopements to grand weddings.

For Developing Your Own, The 10 Things You’ll Need

The benefits of choosing crystals over flowers for you wedding day are endless. In my personal opinion, the number one reason to choose a crystal bouquet is the sheer impact of the sparkle that will catch your guests eyes as you walk around the corner. The first thing that you do is not only twinkle, but you will shine! The bouquets will fill rooms with rainbows if they are in natural sunlight and are unbelievably sparkly and bright even in candle light.

If I have my camera with me I also take photos from several angles along with anything around it that helps to enhance the beauty. I note where the arrangement is placed such as type of furniture, table cloth, pedestal, etc. I also make a note of the approximate height and width of the arrangement.

A number of florists will actively display the venues in which they have worked at before. This is because when they work a venue they get a feel for it and are able to customise your designs to make it fit the style of the room which means your glorious wedding flowers will look great.

With a little research you will find there are far more choices than you ever expected. There are six main styles of silk wedding flowers bouquets. Once you are able to recognize these styles, the decision becomes a lot easier.

Not even a good craft, you still can not make their bows PEW. This fun and of course, you can save money. Using the baby’s breath, tulle and greenery as fillers can reduce the amounts of flowers that you need the procedure.

Another idea is to take the swatches into a hobby shop where they have silk flowers. Experiment with different colors until you find just the right combination. Just because the groom will be wearing a purple tie, doesn’t mean you have to incorporate that into the wedding. Because you are all wearing very neutral colors, your flowers can be a combination of any colors you like. Look through catalogs and bridal magazines to get ideas.

In my personal wedding, I preferred to go this road, and I found that there were several things I could have done other than to make the procedure easier. Here are a few quick suggesstions for dressing your own marriage flowers on affordness by purchasing from authentic wholesale flower trader.

For beach wedding centerpieces the best thing to do would be to mix the flowers with some traditional beachy items like paper boats, seashells, starfish or pebbles. One great beach wedding flowers ideas centerpiece ideas is to use big wide mouthed spiral shell as a vase. Glue the base of the shell to a small rectangular ceramic plate with a bit of glue and fill the shell with water. Arrange a few flowers like purple scabiosa and baby’s breath inside the shell vase. To complete the beach theme scatter a few round and oval pebbles on the ceramic plate. This floral centerpiece is very easy to create and the nautical accents of the shell vase and the pebbles gives the centerpiece a nice beachy vibe.

I’ve received a shot listing. It is critical to me. There are quite a few like it, but this one is mine. Deviation from this checklist will outcome in a entire world of suffering. To the photographer who dares to cross me.

Green And Black Wedding Favours

Wine wedding favor are always a big hit. Aside from the traditional champagne flutes, other great Wedding Wine Favors include a wine stopper in a multitude of shapes, bottle openers, and a convenient combination bottle pourer and stopper. Bottle stoppers can be used on more than just wine bottles so it won’t be limited only to only certain guests. It’s probable that not all of your guests drink wine.

The key to enjoying yourself at your wedding is learning not to sweat the small stuff, and how to handle potential personalsied wedding favours disasters as they come up. By thinking ahead, you can prevent many wedding disasters from even occurring.

Planning a wedding can be a challenging task. It can even be more tiresome if the individual who prepares the wedding is an individual likewise like the new bride or the groom. It can be really hard to have an open mind especially with all the jitters and every little thing.

Despite the effort, a lot of the favours were forgotten by our guests, buried under crumpled napkins, overlooked as the evening wore on and they got caught up in talking or dancing. Bites out of some of the colourful soaps made us realize a few guests had mistaken the wedding favours for candy + oops, we hadn’t thought of that when we were making them to look and smell so good.

Another fun idea is to have the bridesmaids, flower girls, and best man, hold decorative lanterns as the bride walks down the aisle. Lanterns can really light up the venue, especially if the wedding is held in the night. They can make your wedding favour ideas look dazzling and special.

For instance you could consider buying picture frames that are extremely practical or if you feel that you cannot afford to buy this item for every guest of yours, then you could buy candles and stay within the limits of your budget. You will be surprised to see that while a distributor might have picture frames that are too expensive for you, close by you might find a distributor that is closing the store and thus find cheap picture frames at a much better deal. Just remember what you can afford to purchase and the budget that you have available for wedding gifts.

You can design wedding magnets in just about any style you desire. Graphic artists at any good supplier can help you create your perfect wedding magnets with custom designs just for you. Make the magnets look just like your wedding announcements if you desire. Or go for an avant-garde approach and make your wedding magnets look like movie posters, postcards, billboards, or anything else you’d like. You can make your wedding magnets as unique as your relationship.

Photographer: A Straightforward Job?

If the style of the photographer is to your liking, choose the particular theme that may suit your and your future spouse’s personality. You can choose whether you want classic pictures, surreal or even romantic style. Inquire on the experience of the photographer when it comes to a particular style and even ask samples for that matter. Never forget to look at the sample. If everything is to your liking, it’s time to discuss rates and deadlines.

In fact, photojournalistic wedding photography, unlike classical wedding photography, has nothing to do with artificial looking settings, poses, fake smiles and group portraits. On the contrary, photojournalistic wedding photography aims at giving you a wedding album that looks nothing like a traditional album.

Amid several regular rituals, these kinds of as ring ceremony, garland trade and also kissing the bride are some of the customs. It feels fantastic when we get every little thing performed with perfection. It is the brightest day for any couple in the entire world. Several emotions consider location in one particular this one day.

Gone are the days where you and your partner would be the one to develop your photos and compile them in a wedding album. Nowadays, there are different type of albums used to preserve your wedding photos. The photos are digitally printed on the pages. Difference lies on the paper and bounding material used.

Marriage ceremony photojournalism is a kind of journalism that features gathering wedding info, enhancing the data and introducing it you might say it may notify a tale. The Toronto professional photographer makes most selections on the spot based on their discretion to be able to seize the very best times. In terms of wedding pictures most would-be grooms and their brides want pictures which can be descriptive and all the actual moments taken particularly the unscripted types. Marriage ceremony Photojournalism has become very popular being an artwork given that wedding photographs are actually essential in many Greater toronto area marriage ceremonies.

This will require more than scanning the phone book or Internet to find the least expensive package deal. It’s true that you get what you pay for and if you’re willing to pay the minimum amount, you might just end up with minimum wedding photography/videography service.

Yes, it can be a challenge to look for a wedding photographer when so many other things are happening. Give yourself the opportunity for a stress-free wedding day by choosing a person you trust to capture those special scenes that mean so much.

Hello there, my dear buddies desire all of you are really doing well. I am back with a different guide. Today’s theme is significantly far more delicate and engaging. Here I am expressing my views about relationship, bonding and adore. It’s enjoyment to compose about bonding and marriage and off training course the essence of courtship. Marriage is past all the rituals. It consisted many promises, enjoy, responsibility and over all loads of think. Marriage is one particular of the major days in anyone’s existence. Two people today get bonded with some of the mutual knowledge. It is like a new birth for the couple.

Partners that are looking for one thing extremely distinct from their standard environment are now contemplating the alternative of a destination wedding ceremony bundle. Aspect of this bundle includes the solutions of a expert photographer. In the west these photographs are generally taken on the day through the ceremony, be it in a 13th century gothic church or a shimmering white sandy seashore in Australia.

Elegant Wedding Favours

Organic Edibles: Custom cookies are all the rage at the moment for favors so have yours made with all organic ingredients and naturally colored icings. If you didn’t want cookies you could apply the same to cupcakes or mini cakes as well. Present either in card boxes made from recycled paper.

Wine wedding favor are always a big hit. Aside from the traditional champagne flutes, other great Wedding Wine Favors include a wine stopper in a multitude of shapes, bottle openers, and a convenient combination bottle pourer and stopper. Bottle stoppers can be used on more than just wine bottles so it won’t be limited only to only certain guests. It’s probable that not all of your guests drink wine.

personalsied wedding favours favors are meant to be something that your guests can take home and remember your special day forever. So why not give them a picture of the bride and the groom. A picture from a fun time in their life, posed outside, or even by a professional studio.

Recipes make fabulous shower favors as well. If you’re planning a shower for a bride-to-be, ask all guests to include their favorite recipes in their gifts. Or, ask them to include them with their RSVP and put together a custom cookbook for the bride.

Wedding planner software can literally turn the mundane tasks of planning your wedding into something that is almost enjoyable. Think about this just a moment, addressing invites takes a lot of time, what if a piece of software allowed you to import your data from another windows application then ensure you addressed them all correctly if your holding a traditional wedding. Many people don’t realize it but if you’re going to be following a traditional wedding favour ideas then there are right an wrong ways to address the invitations to different people.

Pretty as a Picture: Choose a medium width satin ribbon in a coordinating color and tie it around your favor box (square or rectangular work best) so it runs over the top. Bring the two ends together on the side and tie in a bow. Using some card in a coordinating color cut out a square and using a decorative punch cut a shape in the center. Take a small piece of craft wire and a bead, thread the bead on to the wire and affix behind the shape you have just cut out. You should have a pretty cut out shape with a bead in the center. Affix this to your box with some double sided padded tape making sure you attach it to the ribbon as well to hold it in place. Punches are available in a wide variety of shapes including hearts, flowers, butterflies and birds.

You will find in UK thousands of companies offering personalised favours for a wedding. UK wedding favours are popular and delivered worldwide. For these services, you may prefer to order your personalized wedding favour from some UK concern.

Wedding supplies in holiday themes are specially designed for various holidays, such as Easter, Christmas, Valentines and etc. If you plan to hold your wedding on Valentines day, among the great choices for your favors are little tins with cupids, long stem chocolate roses (these are chocolates that were molded in a shape of rose), conversational heart-shaped candies, and other souvenirs that come in heart or cupid shapes or forms. Easter bunnies or even eggs, on the other hand, are great suggestions for easter weddings.